Yellow and Grey Stone in a Single Patern

grey and yellow cobblestone

Stone Works - Description

Granit stone works in size 10x10x10 yellow cobbles and grey cobbles, cleft stone texture. Alpendorada and Matos is a parish in the municipality of Marco de Canaveses, with 8.36 km ² and 5580 inhabitants. Density: 667.5 inhabitants / km ². It was elevated to town on August 16, 1991. Stone Museum (The first nucleus of the Museum of Stone Marco Canaveses was inaugurated today and intends to "gather the testimonies of the importance of granite to the county and the region." This first core corresponds to the first phase of a project to extend the museum to many places. "This museum [the only country on the granite] is different by design, so it is linked to human ancestry and descends gradually to the present," he said. "The museum is thought to spread to several spaces that mark the relationship between man and the stone, the stone with art, with its heritage and history"

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