Granite and Stone Packing

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choose the packing according to your needs

  • bulk granite packing
  • next With capacity for any order requested, we can negotiate with our customers prices Free on Board (FOB).

    next For large orders we usually put the granite in bulk at the Port of Leixões (nearest port). We may also place the granite in bulk inside containers 20´ for that we just need authorization from the transport company

  • big bags granite packing
  • next For sending granite by truck is required packing. For that the packing normally used is Big Bags. A Big Bag can carry about 1200-1300 kg, normally we send between 18 - 21 Big bags for 24-25 tons of cobbles and setts.

    next The Big bags are open top, flat bottom 1500kg (max.capacity) and resistent.

  • crates granite packing
  • next We pack granite in wooden crates or pallets. The wooden crates are resistant and good for resell. Depending on your order we can pack from 10 to 24 wooden crates per container is up to you to choose what is best.

    next The wooden crates are prepared for fast load and unload process.