Edging Stones for Driveways

Driveway Edging

Driveway Edging

The cobblestone walkways allow all visual fantasies and they guide your visitors not in the best conditions. Depending on the location, there are different types of possible external keypad. Driveway pavers used to connect the different parts of the house together: the street to the garage and garden to the terrace. It must always be easily accessible and comfortable for walking. The layout of the driveway pavers: Plan and implementation Make a plan of your property including your home and draw the path you want for your walkways. Traditionally placed along walkways, massive, grass or planks from the garden, the edgings are useful: they hold the soil, prevent the grass from invading flower beds. But their advantage is aesthetic, provided that the material fits perfectly into the background.

Landscape Edging Stone - Selection Criteria

The borders/edging stones separating the lawn of growing traffic and hold the soil to avoid soiling coatings. They also share two mineral parts, creating a difference or not level. In association with a channel element, curbs direct rainwater or wastewater to a look.
The selection criteria borders
Depending on the role assigned to the edges, several criteria must be taken into account to select a suitable border:
Origin: - Choice of stone paid; - Near production areas;
Economic: - Basic price or quantity; - Weight conditioning transportation;
Aesthetics: Select borders in harmony with other buildings;
Weather resistance and durability and shock;
Ease of implementation

Edging stones for driveways - Videos

Driveway Edging - Photos

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