Different Types of Floor Tiles

Different Types of Flooring Tiles

Different Kinds of Floor Tiles

The different types of Flooring tiles. Several types of tiles available in the market. Granite floor tiles is very strong , making it both durable and low porosity.

  • Choose based on location Choosing a type of tile depends mainly on the room where it will be installed. The more the place is passing more important it is that the coating is resistant to stains and such shocks. In a kitchen, it favors a granite tile, glazed or full body, some are more resistant than steel! As for the tiles, they are only placed on the walls of a bathroom or kitchen walls.
  • Play on volumes Small or large tiles? Specific forms or straight installation? Again, make the right choice is important because the impact on the mood of the piece is real. Generally prefer large tiles (40 x 40 cm or more) for parts of vast dimensions (about 30 m2) provides a nice sense of depth and avoid printing grid. For smaller pieces, tiles 30 x 30 cm will fit perfectly. They can be laid diagonally for effective graphic effect.
  • The importance of Style and Color Of course, the style of your tile depends on that of your living place. Trendy, classic, design ... tile fits into any interior. Color side, think that white is very messy, and therefore to be avoided in a kitchen, and it is better to have the tiles of a darker than the walls rather than the reverse color. Also note that the tiles clear reinforce the impression of space and choosing a discrete tile in a salon for example, highlights the furniture and decor of the room.
  • All about standards To help obtain bearings, specific standards have been implemented. They take into account the wear resistance, water, stains ... The European standard EU declaration of performance certificate, which distinguishes different categories, allows to choose the tiles depending on its strength.

Granite Tiles Variety

Granite tiles can have a wide variety of colors. Current trends in shades are available around the off-white, beige with a net return to favor natural slates which can be black and gray.

Note that true lovers of natural stones are reluctant to perform treatments that would distort the material. However, a minimum of minimum protections needed. All natural stones are porous at the start; it is therefore, after installation, to treat them with a water repellent to prevent water from entering the granite. Inside and out, it also recommends a stain treatment, as on the terrace or in the house, people receive and guests can drop fatness that would try hopelessly unprotected coating. To this must be added, in regions with severe winters, a roach protection.

There are several on the market anti stains that do not change the color of the stone and others that may increase the intensification of color products, that is to say, give it the appearance drowned (often a stone is finest wet and dry).

Indoor or outdoor floor tiling recommends bush-hammered finish (a machine that will tingle slightly granite) to reduce the phenomenon of maximum slip. In this society which markets mid to high range includes formats of all sizes from 40 × 40 to 100 × 100 through the 60 × 60 × 80 and 80; the greater the thickness is large (up to 5 to 6 cm). The larger models are often installed outdoors. Inside, if your home is equipped with a heated floor, you will be limited in size 40 × 40.

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