Granite & Stone Quarry Company

DVTSTONE Granite From Portugal

Presentation and History

Who we are?

The company “DVTSTONE” refers to the extraction, processing and marketing of ornamental rocks. The quarry is located in north of Portugal, area where granite is abundant and of excellent quality.

How is the Granite?

Our granite has the main features: well-cut stone therefore brighter and more durable. The main peculiarity of our granite is not winning iron over the years thus maintaining the initial appearance and its color.

Why choose Us?

Staffed with managers with more than 30 years of experience in the area and a constant concern in improving techniques and methods that allow us to produce higher quality products, “DVTSTONE” has acquired a solid and dynamic presence not only in domestic market but also in the international market level.


Specialized in paving granite...

Over the years DVTSTONE has contributed with its granite for the construction and maintenance of buildings and floors full of personality and beauty. Our specialty is the paving of sidewalks which is a type of flooring used in the paving of sidewalks, pedestrian areas, parks, squares, courtyards and gardens.

“...granite that doesn’t need to be washed...”

The sidewalk results in a paving stones of irregular shape, which can be used to form decorative patterns on a regular and homogeneous or even by the contrast between the stones of different colors. The colors of granite more prevalent in our quarry is gray and yellow. We sell black, light gray, dark grey, yellow and pink.