Cheap Paving Stones

Cheap Paving Stones

Looking for paving quality and affordable?

Granite Paving stand out for their beauty, elegance, strength and ease of maintenance. Our range includes pavers of different sizes and colors, in shades that blend perfectly with your garden design and are suitable for every budget! The greatest difficulty with pavers is to choose, in the long list of products, proper pad for your patio or driveway. That's why we make it easy. Here you can select the type, color and size. The page selected products then gives you all the necessary information on product features, maintenance and types of equipment. You chose your favorite pad? In this case, you have to complete your garden, patio or driveway with beautiful finishes: stairs, fences, wall elements and granite curbs.

Stones - Which to choose?

For a sidewalk or a flat surface as a patio, you can use stones of random shapes or sawn stones as you want to give a natural look to your project or a more comtemporary look. Different finishes are available such as a flamed finish, natural finish, hammered, sandblasted (sand blast), ground ... Whether you run your own works or that you use the services of a professional, the choice of stone remains an important step in the realization of a project. Choosing a quality stone will ensure a realization that will age beautifully.

  • Choice of stone Different aspects to consider in buying the stone, the first of them is color. Choose the one that best suits your environment marie as house colors or ornaments (shutters, window frames, ...) Then we have to determine the size and finish.

  • Aleatory Random stone can give different effects depending on the work performed; depending on the width of the joints and the product chosen to cover the joints, projects with the same type of stone can be completely different. We offer a wide variety of colors and textures, a visit is required.
  • Cut Stone What you should know about these stones is that if the price is high, the work is less. The stones are square or rectangular shape with dimensions that typically form a boss, so they settle more easily.

  • Natural Finish The natural finish this stone in it has best to offer.
  • Machined finish The other type of finish (flamed, bush hammered, sandblasted, ground, washed with acid) is used to provide a calibrated thickness all the stones are of the same thickness which makes installation easy. They are often used in cases of stone that do not offer a natural finish.
  • Thickness of the stone: The thickness of the stone is determined by the foundation. More soil preparation is stable and well compacted stone can be more thin up to 1-1 ½ inches. If the soil is soft or has recently worked (0-2) then choose a thicker stone.
  • Once the choice is fixed and we know the area to be covered, we will be able to assess the quantities and a budget for your project. Our stones are sorted by thickness, we observe a rigorous classification for easy installation. Meet our experts on site.

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