Stone Patios - Guide Building a Natural Stone Pavement

Stone Patios

Stone Patios

NATURAL STONE PATIO Basic Installation Guide for building a patio or a natural stone pavement:

  • STEP NO. 1: Mark the area to be developed using a spray paint. Please allow 6 more inches on each side to provide better access and space for laying borders.
  • STEP NO. 2: Excavate 9 inches deep in sandy soil, and 12 inches in soil clay. Provide a 2% slope to let in the surface water.
  • STEP NO. 3: Install a geotextile membrane that will prevent contamination of the stone 0-3 / 4 "with the existing soil.
  • STEP NO. 4: Place the wooden stakes within the surface every 10 feet. Reach a rope at the same level where the stone will be placed.
  • STEP NO. 5: Backfill with 3 inches of crushed stone 0-3 / 4 ", water lightly and compact using the vibration plate in one direction and then in the other. Repeat this process until you have obtained a foundation 6 inches deep in sandy soil and 9 inches in soil clay.
  • STEP NO. 6: Install the two metal pipes at a distance of 6 feet at the same level as the bed stone dust. Spread 1 inch of stone dust. Slide the wooden board on metal pipes and move the pipes as. Remove excess stone dust.
  • STEP NO. 7: Place the natural stone, making sure that the level matches. If necessary, remove or refill the stone dust. Make sure to keep the same distance between each stone if possible. If necessary, cut the stones with a chisel or a guillotine. think wear safety glasses.
  • STEP NO. 8: Install the borders to pad and press studs 10 "every 2 feet.
  • STEP NO. 9: The surface must be completely dry. Spread mortar sand evenly over the surface and filling joints towards using the brush. Remove excess sand.
  • Alternative: Use the polymeric sand that repels ants and other insects and prevents growth of weeds. For installation of polymeric sand, refer to the technical guide.
  • Alternative: You can also fill the joints with decorative stone, ideally either colored stones with dust or from about 1/4 inch in diameter. You have a choice too either with grass seed or with ground covers, only to add to the land between joints.

Stone Patios - Applications

Stone Patios applications number to dozens, which is one factor why they are so loved by owners of commercial establishments and residential properties. Landscaping contractors and architects also highly prefer them for their excellent durability and aesthetic merits. Specifically, they can be used in the following applications:

  • Pathways / WalkwaysWalk with a sense of security and privilege on walkways made by real granite pavers.
  • RotundaIf your property has a rotunda, then using granite to accentuate it will make it more appealing to onlookers.
  • DrivewaysWith granite being a tough Stone Patios material, it can be used to pave driveway lanes. Granite stone pavers can withstand heavy loads and you can surely expect decades of service from your granite stone paved driveway.
  • GaragesWhile poured concrete will do, wouldn’t it be nice to make your driveway more elegant and classy by using granite pavers for its flooring?
  • PatiosAdd a luxurious feel and look to your patio with granite stone paving. You can create practically any theme with the dozens of granite paver colors, finishes, shapes, and textures that you can choose from.

Stone Patios - Videos

Stone Patios - Photos

Browse these Stone Patios photos to get some exciting ideas on how to beautify your property with durable granite:

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